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CAP crew (Bleze, Most, Masker, Dirty, Dize, Teve) was founded in Prague in 2005.

The last Part here, with details about the book and more CAPism.







In the book CAP – Crew Against People, 250 colored pages offer a selection of the group’s pieces which was one of the first to begin creating their graffiti in the location of “Brown Fields” . Due to this fact, the majority of photographs come from this location. The book further contains photographs from legal surfaces of a critical character, responding to the actual situation of Prague’s graffiti scene, photographs from travels to foreign countries (Russia, Ukraine, Spain…), pieces from the representatives of the crew from its earlier years of functioning and others. Along with photographs text is included which stems from interviews with the members of CAP crew. The text describes the whole situation around the formation and foundation of the group, its development, sources of inspiration, and reasons from conflicts with the rest of the graffiti scene and captions to individual pieces of work.

Technical information about the product:
Thermography binding (V2), format B5, 250 full color pages + 50 grayscale pages (appendix), all wrapped up in poster with both sides printed in grayscale, appendix and poster in 3 paper color variations (pink, yellow, green), publishing: biggboss, authors: CAP

Less than 10 pieces = 12 EUR, more than 10 pieces = 10 EUR




39_capabcd07.jpg________________________________________________________________________ 39_capabcd08.jpg

Please visit the CAP hompage for more works on walls, paper, travel documentations, stories and other stuff.
There is also a shop to order theire book, which i strongly suggest (one is in the HOTTER Sammlung).
Here is more info about the book in a promo pdf: www.crewagainstpeople.org/down/cap_book_promo.pdf

The whole Series is archieved in the my Guest Kategorie.
All the best and Thanks again and NO FUTURE FORE EVER cap-crew!
Martin Hotter

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