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fuer Fürth, shade (in) & imprint (out) with paint on SCHAUFENSTER of Andrea Sohler 18.04.2022 – 17.05.2022


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Manfred und Martin Hotter
Spur und Skulptur

Stadtmuseum Crailsheim
13 April 2022, 19 Uhr
14.4.2022 – 8.5.2022

Plant sculptures – Manfred Hotter’s neologism refers to the inherent natural function of his objects. Forms of biomorphic origin develop into planned architectural constructions. An experimental approach guides the autodidact ceramist while shaping his ideas. The freelance artist is a trained mechanical engineer. This exhibition present a fist retrospective overview of the ceramic work of this versatile cultural entrepreneur, who lives and works in Honhardt since 1978.

Akin to Experimental setups, the works of Martin Hotter force new interpretations of common objects and materials. With minimal interventions the objects influence the relationships of audience and their space. The sculptor and graphic artist Martin Hotter was born 1978 in Crailsheim and lives and works in Vienna.


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